The Daily Four

Warm Up Exercises / Workout Routines

Please note: if you have not learned the exercises, click here before proceeding.

The warm up exercise routines below – The Daily Four – focus on the low, mid, and medium high range only. Each day contains four assorted exercises to work out different vowels, articulation and areas of your voice. (For upper range exercises, consult a voice teacher, vocal coach, or choir director.)  These exercises generally sit in the vocal range of CCM singers (non-classical). If you are a classical singer, these exercise routines can be used to begin your daily warm up, or a quick session to help maintain vocal fitness.

1.  Press Play

2.  Listen to the piano chord and vocal example

3.  Press pause

4.  Sing the example

5.  Press Play to resume

To use these as Workout Routines for daily vocal exercise, repeat the singing of the example two or three times before continuing.

Helpful Hints
Make sure you take a good breath before you sing. Be careful not to make a noisy or gaspy breath, as it may be too shallow to support a good vocal tone. Try breathing silently, and notice how the air fills up your lungs. You should only take in enough air until it’s comfortably full; there is no need to overfill.

Exercise Names are followed by either an (A) or a (D), which indicates whether the exercise Ascends (Medium High) or Descends (Mid or Low Range).

If you are interested in further instruction, all of this information, and more can be found in the book, Sing! 20 Singing Lessons to Improve Your Voice.  


The Daily Four - #1

The Daily Four - #2

The Daily Four - #3