Vocal Warm-ups

Free Warm Up Exercises

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You may create a free account for access to the vocal warm-ups here. Once your account is created you may access the exercises through the menu here, or directly at VocalFitnessStudio.com.

My intent in designing these warm up routines was to make something available to singers who may have not been singing very much during the cancellation of, or reduction in singing activities during the pandemic.  My goal is to help singers get back into vocal shape, and then serve as a resource for the future.

Each practice plan is a playlist containing four daily vocal exercises with embedded audio files designed to warm up the all areas of the voice.  The first three playlists focus on warming up the voice through the medium high range, and the fourth plan includes some high range exercises. A companion webpage teaches the singer how to do the exercises properly. Please visit that page before singing the warm-ups.