Voice Training

13 years and older

Adult Singing Lessons

Adult singing lessons are customized for each individual’s singing style and needs, along with a healthy vocal approach and technique to help them accomplish their goals.

Technical emphasis is on developing the whole voice for vocal fitness, so that it is strong and reliable. This is accomplished through specific vocal exercises that strengthen and tone the instrument and the muscles that support vocal production.

The exercises also help to expand and strengthen the singer’s range and smooth the transitions through the registers.  Recorded vocal exercises are available to students to assist them with practicing.

Adolescent Training  

Inspired by the research and principles set forth in John M. Cooksey’s book, Working with the Adolescent Voice, Jane helps teens work through their changing voices, teaching them a healthy vocal technique, while working through aural and vocal pitch adjustments. Jane was also privileged to attend a workshop with Dr. Cooksey to learn his approach first-hand.

singing lessons

Standard Voice Lessons

We work to bring the voice physically into good shape using vocal exercises.  First lessons are spent on learning the technique and how to practice properly to get the best results.

Vocal Coaching

Vocal coaching differs from regular voice lessons in that the emphasis is on polishing songs.  Most people who take vocal coaching sessions usually need help preparing for short-term projects, such as preparing for an audition, recording session, or performance.  Technique can also be taught through the coaching sessions as we can approach the song through vocal exercise techniques.